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Work with a team built to fit your needs. With 35+ years of experience producing quality nutraceuticals, our in-house contract manufacturing and quality capabilities enable us to complete the entire contract manufacturing process from start to finish. We specialize in spray drying, dry blending, powder fills, sachets, capsules and chewable tablets while offering a variety of packaging options. Our selection of raw materials, flavors and packaging components enables us to meet an array of requirements for almost any retail ready finished good. We are ready to bring your ideas to life with the quality you require.

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Full service Manufacturing

Wide Range of ingredients

Extensive Packaging Capabilities

Low Minimum

Top quality contract manufacturing products


Powders are a popular choice for drink mixes, we help you formulate free flowing powders that meet your flavor and solubility expectations.

Packaging options for Powders Include:

  • Small and large sachet & jar sizes, up to five pounds
  • Automated fill system and check weight stations
  • Automated Labeling with Hot Stamping Inkjet Capabilities
  • Neck Branding or Body Sleeve

Minimum order: as low as 1,200 units for jars and 19,500 for sachets


Encapsulation provides you with a higher level of potency without the worry of flavoring. You will be able to select between vegetable or gelatin based two piece capsules.

Minimum order: as low as 1,200 units with 60 capsules per bottle

Chewable Tablets

Chewable Tablets are a popular option for products for both children and adults. Select between round or oval shapes and customize your flavoring.

Minimum order: as low as 1,200 units with 90 tablets per bottle

Packaging options for Capsules and Chewable Tablets Include:

  • Small to large bottle sizes with Infrared counting for pill count accuracy
  • Automated Cotton Inserting
  • Automated Labeling with Hot Stamping Inkjet Capabilities
  • Neck Branding or Body Sleeve

Quality and Safety

  • Metal Detection and Rejection
  • Heat Tunnel & Induction Sealing
  • Finish Good Storage: Product is stored in Quarantine until testing is complete and product is released.

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