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Since 1984, La Belle® Colostrum products have provided bioactive colostrum for multiple animal species around the world. Numerous clinical studies have shown newborn calves rely on the passive transfer of immunity from their mothers within the first few hours of their lives. La Belle® Colostrum provides maternal colostrum replacers and supplements for multiple animal species during all stages of life in order to meet their specific digestive, immunity, growth and nutritional requirements.

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Immune Support

Researchers have found the intake and absorption of colostral immunoglobulins – which include antibodies against disease – are essential to the development of newborn animals’ immune systems. For example the ingestion and absorption of colostrum immunoglobulins are two of the most important aspects in the prevention of neonatal calf diseases because calves acquire virtually no immunoglobulins before birth which they need for survival. The immune health benefits expand to multiple species.

USDA and CFIA Approved Bovine Immune Health Benefits:

  • USDA Center for Veterinary Biologics (CVB) dual-claim licensed formula for La Belle® Colostrum in the USA
    • Aid in the treatment of failure of passive transfer of immunity
    • Aid in the prevention of death associated with Escherichia coli K99
  • CFIA claim licensed formula for La Belle® Colostrum in Canada
    • Aid in the treatment of failure of passive transfer of immunity

Bovine Colostrum for Immune Support for various animal species includes the following benefits:

  • Supporting early life immunity
  • Helps promote a healthy immune system
  • Increased IgA levels which may enhance local gut immunity

Digestive Health

Without adequate colostrum within the first hours of life, many animals fail to develop fully functional digestive health. La Belle® colostrum products provide foundational nutrition for calves, piglets, lambs, kids, puppies, and more, with additional product lines for continued digestive health in older animals.

Bovine Colostrum for Digestive Support for various animal species includes the following benefits:

  • Stabilizes/balances/supports intestinal microflora
  • Helps Increase intestinal microflora diversity
  • Helps support GI tract health and function
  • Helps maintain a stable microbial population following GI/immune stressors

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