Our Collection Process

Quality colostrum, ethical collection

We are proud to partner with the best dairy farmers who share in our commitment of producing the highest quality colostrum possible. We only partner with quality dairy farms and collect excess colostrum only after each calf has had the opportunity to experience the benefits itself.

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Ethical Collection

Our safe and ethical collection process

The health and wellness derived from our colostrum products will never come at the expense of the animals producing it or the farmers facilitating that production. We are dedicated to providing the best colostrum products for human and animal nutrition, and the best possible environments for colostrum producers.

The Collection Process

01Raw Colostrum Collection

02Freezing and Transportation


04Manufacturing Process

05Quality Testing and Assurance

06Storage, Shipping, and Distribution

Animal Care

The health of animals is our priority. After each calf has received the colostrum it needs, we then collect the excess colostrum from first day milkings. We only partner with dairies that are in compliance with local, state, and federal law and regulations for animal care and herd health.

Quality Products

Stringent quality assessments are made by our procurement team to ensure we only receive colostrum from first day milkings . Colostrum collected during the first day after a calf is born has significantly higher levels of bioactive components, including immunoglobulins (Ig). Combining nation-wide collection with our prime manufacturing locations in the southwest United States enables us to collect fresh colostrum all year.


We track all of our colostrum from farm to facility, and quality compliance is confirmed on a regular basis. Each dairy is assigned a unique identification number, which is traced throughout the entire manufacturing process.

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