Bovine colostrum emerges as a key player in immune defense

As featured on NutraIngredients January 18th, 2021

With immune health top of mind for many consumers, bovine colostrum is emerging as a key player in immune defense. Bovine colostrum is rich in growth and antimicrobial factors, which promote tissue growth and the maturation of the digestive tract and immune function in neonatal animals and humans. The immunoglobulins and lactoferrin found in colostrum are known to build natural immunity in newborns. Hear from our very own Dr. Lauren Crosby and Stacy Dill as they talk all things colostrum with NutraIngredients.

"As a pediatrician, colostrum is sort of our liquid gold. From an immunity lens, colostrum is really optimized for and supports the natural response to fight infections and help modulate the immune system." - Dr. Lauren Crosby

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