A low-dose, 6-week bovine colostrum supplementation maintains performance and attenuates inflammatory indices following a Loughborough Intermittent Shuttle Test in soccer players

Aim: To investigate the effect of low-dose bovine colostrum supplementation on exercise-induced muscle damage and performance decline in soccer players during a competitive season period.

Protocol: A total of 22 professional soccer players were randomized into two groups, a placebo control (3.2g of whey protein concentrate daily) and a bovine colostrum group (3.2g per day). The participants underwent baseline performance tests then a 90 min controlled aerobic challenge followed by performance tests before and after supplementation for 6 weeks.

Results: The athletes who consumed colostrum exhibited a lower reduction in squat jump height, countermovement height, and a lower elevation of blood levels of markers related to muscle damage following the 90 min aerobic challenge as compared to individual baselines.

Conclusion: This study provides evidence which suggests that bovine colostrum can improve physical performance and reduce measures associated with muscle damage.

Reference: Kotsis Y, et al. European journal of nutrition. 2018 Apr 1;57(3):1181-95.