Uptake of Bovine Colostral Immunoglobulins in Foals

To evaluate the uptake of immunoglobulin G from bovine colostrum and the onset of endogenous immunoglobulin production in foals

10 Welsh Mountain Pony foals were removed from their dams at birth and fed on feeding of first-day bovine colostrum (BC)


  • Colostral BC intake of 30g or more is sufficient to produce a maximal change in serum concentration of BC in foals
  • All foals had equine IgG serum concentrations of >10g/liter by 102 to 135 days of age

Homles MA and Lunn DP (1991) A study of bovine and equine immunoglobulin levels in pony foals fed bovine colostrum. Equine Veterinary Journal 23(2):116-118.