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PREMIER SELECT Colostrum Supplement: Alpaca/Llama

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Supports alpaca/llama crias immune and digestive systems by delivering La Belle Colostrum into the gastrointestinal tract. Colostrum also transfers essential, high quality, protein, fat, energy, and other nutrients to alpaca/llama crias that have received poor, insufficient or no colostrum at all. Use as a colostral support at birth or as a nutritional supplement for mature alpacas or llamas.

  • Multi-feeding 550 gram tub, contains 22 Feedings (25g)
  • Easy to Mix and Feed.
  • Made with True Bovine Colostrum™ but formulated specifically for crias
  • Immune and nutritional support for neonatal crias
  • Easy to mix and feed
  • Suitable for first day’s feeding of colostrum
  • All natural and antibiotic free (ABF)

Guaranteed Analysis

  • Colostral Ig: 55 grams/lb
  • Crude Protein: 40% Min.
  • Crude Fat: 10% Min.
  • Crude Fiber: 0.2% Max.
  • Ash: 7.0% Max.
  • Moisture: 8.0% Max.
  • Calcium: 0.4% Max.
  • Calcium: 0.1% Min.
  • Phosphorus: 0.65% Min.
  • Sodium: 0.5% Max.
  • Magnesium: 4.0% Min.
  • Vitamin A: 24000 IU/lb Min.
  • Vitamin D3: 3200 IU/lb Min.
  • Vitamin E: 150 IU/lb Min.


First day supplement feeding of colostrum and nutritional and immune support for first week of life

Dose Options

Multi-feeding 550 gram tub

Dried milk (feed grade), dried whey, silicon dioxide, potassium sulfate, magnesium oxide, magnesium sulfate, zinc oxide, calcium carbonate, iron sulfate, rice hulls (not more than 0.1%), polyethylene glycol, glycerine, mineral oil, manganous oxide, vitamin E supplement, vitamin A acetate, sodium selenite, vitamin D3 supplement, ethylenediamine dihydriodide, sodium molybdenate, cobalt sulfate, flavor, Lactobacillus acidophilus, Lactobacillus lactis, Lactobacillus casei, Streptococcus diacetylactis, Bifidobacterium bifidum.

Mixing And Feeding

Alpaca Cria: Mix vigorously 1.5 scoops (25 grams) of Premier Select Alpaca/Llama Formula in 125 ml of clean, warm water 100-110°F (38-43°C). Feed to alpaca cria 5-7 times a day (or every 4 hours).

Llama Cria: Mix vigorously 2 generous scoops (32 grams) of Premier Select Alpaca/Llama Formula in 150 ml of clean, warm water 100-110°F (38-43°C). Feed to llama cria 5-7 times a day (or every 4 hours).


Store at or below 75°F (24°C). Shelf life at recommended conditions is three years.

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