PanTheryx Announces Dr. Mehmet Oz to Join its Board of Directors

MD and Emmy award-winning talk show host “Dr. Oz” will help advise biotechnology company focused on innovative bovine colostrum-based therapies
As reported on Business Wire September 13, 2019

BOULDER, Colo.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--PanTheryx, a biotechnology company, today announced that it has appointed Dr. Mehmet C. Oz, MD, surgeon and talk show host “Dr. Oz” from The Dr. Oz Show, to the company’s board of directors. With this new appointment, Dr. Oz will advise PanTheryx on strategies to expand its impact on health and wellness through its leading technology position and focus on colostrum science.

“We’re thrilled to have Dr. Mehmet Oz join us on the board of directors,” said Mark Braman, CEO of PanTheryx. “As a company, we are committed to unlocking the vast health and therapeutic benefits of bovine colostrum through robust clinical science. Dr. Oz’s insight and guidance will be pivotal in helping us to reach that goal.”

Dr. Oz brings decades of medical, nutrition, wellness, and communications expertise to the PanTheryx board. As former vice-chair and professor of surgery at Columbia University Medical Center, Dr. Oz is a world-renowned practicing cardiothoracic surgeon who has authored over 400 original publications, articles, and medical books. He is also the host of the Emmy award-winning television series The Dr. Oz Show, as well as co-founder of HealthCorps, a national nonprofit with a mission to educate and improve physical and mental health in American teens. Dr. Oz received his undergraduate degree from Harvard University and obtained a joint MD and MBA from the University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine and Wharton Business School.

PanTheryx was founded in 2007 to create nutritional solutions for pediatric infectious diarrhea, the second leading killer of children under the age of five in the developing world. Capitalizing upon the great potential of its patented technology platform, PanTheryx has evolved to leverage the cellular and biomolecular processes of bovine colostrum to develop and commercialize a wide range of nutritional interventions and first-in-class therapeutics. Colostrum is rich in immunoglobulins, antimicrobial peptides, growth factors, cytokines and oligosaccharides — all of which can be targeted to produce specific therapeutic activity through PanTheryx’s platform. With over 700 studies completed and more underway, clinical and preclinical research into bovine colostrum is revealing new potential clinical applications for conditions such as C. difficile infections, Crohn’s Disease, Ulcerative Colitis, and GI-related side effects of cancer therapies such as mucositis.

“I’m excited to be joining PanTheryx’s board at such an important time in the company’s development,” said Dr. Mehmet Oz. “Research and real-world experience point to the pivotal role our gut plays in maintaining and restoring health. It is essential to overall well-being. Through the innovative use of colostrum, PanTheryx is pioneering the development of nutrition-based interventions and biologics to dramatically improve global health safely and effectively.”

He joins other recent additions to the PanTheryx board including Dr. Rajiv Shah, MD, president of the Rockefeller Foundation, and Dr. Thomas Bumol, PhD, executive director of the Allen Institute for Immunology.

About PanTheryx:
PanTheryx is a biotechnology company committed to realizing the potential of bovine colostrum based therapies to address a wide range of health conditions. The company commercializes first-in-class therapeutics, with products developed from its patented technology platform spanning the range of nutritional interventions to biologics.

PanTheryx is the premier supplier of bovine colostrum globally, which has extensive applications in health and wellness, including GI health. Founded in 2007, PanTheryx is headquartered in Boulder, Colorado and has production facilities in Phoenix, AZ and Ripon, CA. Its flagship product, DiaResQ, is available in over 30,000 pharmacies and retail stores in the U.S.

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Kira Cooper, The Key PR