Growth and Sanitary Status of Piglets Using Bovine Colostrum

To evaluate the influence of bovine colostrum (BC)supplement to weaning diet on growth and sanitary status of piglets bred in an “unclean” environment and in controlled environments

Trial one (310 piglets): after weaning at 28 days of age, piglets fed
formula containing 4% colostrum, 44g/day
Trial two (522 piglets): piglets fed formula of 2% and 4% colostrum, 53g/day (2%) and 33g/day (4%)


  • During first 2 post-weaning weeks, feed intake and growth were higher in BC group, positive effects of the colostrum were also observed during the remaining 5 weeks
  • Results show the incorporation of 5-10% colostrum in food increases by 12-25% consumption of piglets during the distribution of food supplemented
  • Hindquarter cleanliness tended to be improved by the colostrum treatment on d 9 after weaning
  • 4-6% Piglets fed the Col-4d or Col-6d had more normal feces and less liquid
    Feces diet.

BC improved the sanitary status and food consumption of piglets

Isabelle Le Huërou-Luron, et al. (2004) Supplementation of weaning diet with bovine colostrum increases feed intake and growth of weaned piglets. Journées Recherche Porcine 36:33-38.