Bovine Colostrum Reduces Frequency of Diarrhea

The present study investigated the effect of feeding bovine colostrum (BC) to piglets in comparison with feeding a milk replacer (MR) and conventional rearing by the sow on the intestinal immune system and number of enterotoxigenic Escherichia coli (ETEC) colonising the intestinal tissue.

A total of forty piglets from four litters were used in the present experiment. Of the forty piglets, four piglets, one from each litter, were killed at the beginning of the experiment (Base) and thirty-six piglets, nine per litter, were kept alive and randomly allocated to one of the following three treatment groups: (1) separated from the sow and fed a commercial BC product (BC-fed); (2) separated from the sow and fed a commercial MR (MR-fed); (3) kept with the sow (Sow-Milk).


  • The number of E. coli colonising the intestinal tissue was higher (P< 0·001) in piglets from the MR-fed group than in those from the BC-fed and Sow-Milk groups.
  • The frequency of diarrhea was higher (P≤ 0·019) in MR-fed piglets than in BC-fed and Sow-Milk piglets